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Rochester’s updated bike ordinances

On September 17th, the Rochester’s City Council approved changes to the city code in regard to bicycles. The bike ordinances hadn’t been updated since the 1960s! For a full listing, see below. Of particular note is an official prohibition for

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Shifting Gears: Promoting Rochester’s Two-Wheeled Revolution

Introducing the most amazing final publication from the Genesee School 6th graders. Shifting Gears: Promoting Rochester’s Two-Wheeled Revolution! A Project of the Genesee Community Charter School Sixth Grade Class of 2013 Read the entire report here, find out how these students

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Behold the Bike!

Few inventions have the efficiency, health benefits, affordability, urban design potential, safety features and environmental friendliness of the modern bike. It’s not your grandmother’s bicycle; it’s a revolutionary component in our future transportation portfolio. There have been bikes. There will

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Another Affiliation

People are talking. Excitement builds. The Rochester Greenway is entering a new phase: a steering group (maybe, the “The Rochester Greenway Steering Group”) who will be focusing on moving the project from conceptual stage to something more concrete—or macadam, or

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