Bike Lockers in City Garages

Lockers keep your bike safe and dry.

Lockers keep your bike safe and dry.

Now you can keep your bike safe, secure, and dry in a locker in downtown Rochester! Fully-enclosed lockers are free to use in the Mortimer Street Garage, across from the RTS Transit Center. You can also rent a locker in many other downtown garages: High Falls, Sister Cities, Court Street, South Avenue, Washington Square, and East End. Rentals are available for the full year, winter only, or for three seasons. Interested? More information is available on the City’s bike parking page. And don’t forget that City garages have free-to-use racks, too! Big thanks go to Bruce Wilbur for bringing lockers to the public. Send him a thank-you note and spread the word by distributing this flyer.



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